Just the three of us??

It won't be just the three of us for much longer.........and truth be told it has barely been this month. I did some math a few days ago and Saturday night was the only night that me, Shaun and I got to stay in our home together for a 24 day stretch. First it was the inlaws, then Colorado, then the inlaws again, we left O there for a week and came back to lots and lots of fleas meaning me and shaun stayed in a hotel and/or with friends for 3 nights, back home but still no O, one night as a family, and then shaun is off to Kansas City ( ironically enough not even in Kansas). Me and O are here but in a few are headed to Houston, then Galveston where shaun will meet us. Sunday, maybe, our life will go back to normal.
If you had talked to me from Wednesday on last week you did not get a very fun girl on the phone. I missed O. I hated being home alone all day. Well now O is being more than I can handle by myself. There have been 2 major daddy moments in the last 24 hours alone. As I was getting him ready for his bath lastnight I noticed a spiderman sticker stuck to a not so comfortable place (on my son -- not me). He was really struggling trying to get it unstuck. I usually try to avoid that area all together ( daddy's domain not mine).......but figured if I could give it one good clean rip ( like a bandaid)......it would come off. Sure it would hurt, but quick and fast is better than slow and extrutiating right? Wrong. I'm not quite sure how long spiderman had been hanging out there......but it must have been quite a while because it did not come off in one quick pull. Instead it tore in several pieces. I tried several tugs on each little peice until I couldn't take the screaming anymore. I thought maybe a soak in the bath tub would ease spiderman's grip. This was partly true. The paper part of the sticker came off easily, but the glue stayed stuck to his unmentionables. Kind of like when they glue a free sample down in a magazine and you have to rub it off. Finally the gluey strip came free........and I don't think I have to worry about finding anymore stickers "down there".
My next "where is daddy moment" involved standing up to pee. O is 97% potty trained and has been for quite a while. However, we haven't been able to teach him to pee standing up yet. He tries but tugs on it so hard he can't pee. He also refuses to pee outstide. ( I trick I was hoping he would learn before going to CO). He is pretty good about taking care of his business by himself and usually only needs help getting his clothse back on. So during naptime ( mine.......not his because he refused to take one) he slipped off to the restroom to potty. It was taking a little bit too long so I went in to check on him and found that he had climbed ( I have no idea how) onto the bathroom counter and peed off of the top of it. He never took his clothes off so most of the puddle was on the counter beneath him with a bit dripping into the open drawer ( please, give me one more thing to clean out) and onto the floor. I asked him what was up and he told me he wanted to pee up there. I figured it was some fluke thing until a few hours later when I caught him a second time on top of the bathroom counter. This time he took his pants off first. I didn't see a puddle anywhere near him so I asked him where he peed and he happily told me the potty. That wasn't quite true but there was a puddle on the ground near the potty ( none on the counter). Apparently O has decided it is time to pee standing up like most of the male population. Unfortunately -- he thinks it has to be done from high altitudes. Dad doesn't show up until Thursday. Hopefully, I can keep him off of the counters between now and then.....and away from stickers.


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

The funny girl is back! This is hilarious!!

spaghettipie said...

Um, okay. So I have a modified version of that Will Smith song stuck in my head now.