Things I didn't do on my Christmas break

My break is almost finished and over my almost 2 weeks off I did not....
1. clean out the fridge
2. grade any papers
3. go to the gym every day ( just once).
4. convince O that pooping in the potty was really a much better option than his pants.
5. lesson plan
6. take down my christmas tree even though it is already January
7.ever set my alarm clock
8. shave my legs
9. keep O home from preschool just because me and shaun had the day off
10. read my usual allotment of books during a break ( only 3).
11. eat moderately
12. step on a scale
13. write anything profound
14. save money by not going to starbucks or eating out
15. think twice before getting another tattoo
16. manage to stay awake until midnight on New Years Ever ( heck I didn't even try)
17. finish Owen's first Christmas album ( this was his 3rd).
18. deny my son the pleasure of watching cartoons any time he asked
19. shower daily
20. manage to convince O that he could not get seconds on communion at the christmas eve service without him throwing a fit.
21. get caught up on anything excpet possibly and most importantly sleep
22. remember to mail the bills on time ( yes again)
23. stay a few extra days after Christmas at my parents house
24. hesitate when anyone offered to watch my child
25. dust anything
26. shed those extra few pounds

what did I do you might ask? I slept in, I played spiderman and pirates, I went to a few movies, I ate until I had a stomach ache, I turned up the radio, I hung out with old friends, I drank coffee, I got a tatoo, I outgrew my skinny jeans, I got to spend some time alone with my husband, I watched Tech come back and win their bowl game, I played cards and pretty much a lot of nothing. So yep, it was a pretty good break. I love a good list and checking things off of it as much as the next girl, maybe even more so.... but why ruin a good break with productivity.