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Me and Shaun used to be movie snobs. We like seeing movies on the day they came out and would often make the trip to Dallas ( angelika or magnolia) for movies that don't make most theatres.
Lately we only see cartoons in the theatre. I have never really been that into cartoons. I don't even like the Simpsons.........but I will go to any and all movies that I think my son will like just to walk into a dark theatre and escape for a few hour. Meaning most of the movies I have seen over the last 6 months involve singing chipmunks, farting ogres or talking bees.
Me and Shaun used our break to catch up on a few movies ( thanks to O's school being open when mine wasn't!)

1. First and most important was Juno. We saw the preview at the last movie we managed to some how find a way to go to....which I can't even remember the name of. The whole "out handlng things way above my maturity level line" had me sold months ago. I freakin love this movie. Think Napoleon Dynomite meets an actual plot and quick and witty ellen page. I was afraid that it would glamorize teenage pregnancy or trivialize the whole adoption issue...but it didn't. It was smart and bittersweet and made juno mature and completely 16 all at the same time. Plus any show with an actor that once adorned the pages of Tiger Beat ( justin bateman) is sure to be a hit. It is full of fantastic one-liners and music that reminded me of gilmore girls. Shaun will buy it as soon as it comes out, but I don't think I can wait that long. I keep telling my friends that I would be more than glad to go see it again...

2. I am Legend.
This was how I spent Christmas afternoon. My belly was achingly full but it did not stop me from getting some twizzlers and eating my share of my nephew's popcorn. I had forgotton that it was a zombie-ish movie. Those creepy things caught me off guard. It was weird to watch a movie with mostly only one character...but I think Will Smith did a great job....and how cute a name is Marley. Part of me was like...let's not give more reasons for people to be afraid of vaccines. It made me think of the book The Road ( which I didn't like) and Castaway....but Will Smith did a better crazy isolated man than Tom Hanks. I had weird freaky dreams that night and blame the "darkseekers".

3. PS I love you.
I saw this w/ my sister in law the other day. We got into the car and my face was red, eyes puffy and just felt drained and she said, " well that was cute". and in some ways it was. Hillary Swank was occasionally un-Swank like....almost whimsical. Tiny and feminine. Even though the premise of the movie is her late husband sending her letters. He still manages to be in the movie quite a bit....and more often than not without a shirt on ( not that I noticed or anything!). Accents make me melt. The entire movie was one big ache. I think I even cried during the previews. Whoever says a good cry does the soul good is a liar. I felt drained and puffy faced all day long. It was good, but a little too cutesy. If something that sad can be considered cutesy. Robert Downy Jr was in the movie....but had really bad hair. In addition to the late hot Irish husband was Grey's Denny Duquette also with an adorable Irish accent and the occasional disrobing. It was hopeful and the ending wasn't too perfect. A bit predictable and I didn't like thinking about what I would do if my husband died. Instead I tried to focus on the Irish. One of the best and worst things about this movie was the projectionist screwed up and showed the begining of the wrong movie. The Dewey Cox Story. I love a good stupid movie on occasion -- but this was horrible. So horrible in fact that they gave us free movie passes for accidentally subjecting us to the first five minutes. So I am hoping to use those free tickets to see another grown up movie before Veggie Tales one opens.


Katie said...

Going to see #1 tonight

Still need to see #2 but must do it with someone else and in daylight (i live alone and don't need anything else to make me jump at night)

Saw #3 and liked the book better (which I have if you would like to borrow it)