tree toppers

Tonight we decorated the tree. I only kind of like this part. I like the idea of decorating. Hanging ornaments, hot chocolate, overall spreading good cheer. That ideallic picture was smashed even before getting everything out of the attic. A broken coffee pot and one fight later we had everything down. Fight quickly forgotten as Owen was climbing all over the reindeer ( or as he called them giraffes) and loved that there was actually a tree in the house. Shaun helped O put the star on top and I stopped him midstretch.
"Wait, hold that moment -- let me get the camera". It was too cute with O's little superman underoos showing.
TiVo has me spoiled. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to pause or rewind the radio. Just for a minute I wanted to do the same with real life.
I found some shoes and my car keys and went searching for the camera.
No luck.
Back inside, one more rummage through the purse. Still empty handed.
O was looking longingly at the tree wondering why he couldn't put the star on top just yet.
Finally Shaun found the camera (in about 30 seconds) for me and we tried again.
We captured the moment.
It was really just a replay of the moment about 10 minutes before. This time slightly less candid.
The picture I guess looks the same, but it still reminds me that we can't go back. We can't replay. And if we aren't careful we will miss it.


Beth & Eric said...

Oh! I think that all the time! I always want to rewind the radio.

Two days ago, Paige held her own bottle for about 20 seconds by herself. It was so cute! I just watched. Eric said: I can't believe you're not taking a picture of this. I said that I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I surprised myself!

As you know, I take pictures of everything! And my friend's boyfriend calls it "fabricated fun"... I agree, BUT I want the picture anyway. You'll always have that picture of Owen's arms up and his underoos showing. :)