home sweet home

usually after a trip i can't wait to get home.
after 5 days with my inlaws that couldn't be more true.
don't get me wrong. my inlaws are great and in many ways much more sane than my own family. however, things start to get a little crowded after day 4. the twin beds in shaun's old room don't help.
almost 6 hours in a car with a small child and dog later i was eager to unlock that door.
we quickly piled into our own bed, checked the tivo and discussed what toppings for the pizza we were about to order.
i was ready to be home, just not ready to be back to reality.
out of cat food. ughh. going to the store in the cold drizzle after being in the rain was the last thing i wanted to do.
i did.
then i get home and realized we were also out of milk. damn.
then i rumaged through the mail. turns out i forgot to pay the water bill. they were threatening to turn it off ......uhm 3days ago. quick check and the sink turns on. Must go drop off the check in the night drop, hoping they will process it before shutting off my water.
pizza guy is here. suprise they don't take checks or credit cards.
neighbor comes through in a pinch and lends us some cash.
i scarf down thin crust hamburger and green olive pizza that even the mysterious odor coming from the kitchen can't ruin.
next commercial and i'll tackle the things growing in the fridge.
did i mention grades are due in the morning.......
welcome home.