5 things

I'll admit it. I'm still a Grey's fan. I like the mess that is Meredith Grey and all those hot doctors don't hurt either. I don't particuarly like the way have portrayed marriage.......but I still TiVo it and look forward to my Thursday nights.

If you don't watch let me give you a quick summary of part of last week's episode. First a little background: Meredith has a step sister who has suddenly appeared this season. This step sister was never part of her life. It was the life and family her father chose over her. Her step sister keeps trying to connect with Mer -- but she keeps pushing her away and is often downright mean. In this episode a woman comes in with a small child that is injured. The baby turns out to be ok, but the mom is in critical condition. The dad doesn't know what to do. They had just adopted the baby and hadn't even given her a name yet.......and now it looks like the mom won't make it. The dad wants to give the baby back. He is afraid he can't do it without his wife. She is just a baby and hasn't quite connected with her yet. He lists just a few things he knows about her. How to comfort her, etc. Meredith explains that he knows 5 things about her that know one else knows and that it is alot. His wife ends up dying and he ends up keeping the baby. It all seems to go back to that conversation and those 5 things. A few scences later -- Meredith's step sister walks up to her and rambles off 5 ridiculous things about herself...she is a great etchasketch drawer, used to play trombone, etc. And then she says this" That's 5 things, 5 things that will hopefully make it harder for you to hate me." They don't hug or cry or resolve any issues.......but it does leave the audience with a bit of hope for their relationship.

It is so true. Here are 5 ridiculous things about me....

1. I like my showers scalding hot

2. I am addicted to dance dance revolution ( it is a video game if you don't know).

3. I had the biggest crush on Kevin ( fred savage) from the wonder years back in middle school. I might have even kissed the tv.

4. I had a reputation for being the biggest klutz in school. All my year books are filled with sayings like "stay trippin"

5. I can't pee if I think people can hear me.

I am probably going to misquote this, but Larry Crabb wrote a book called inside out. There is a line on the first page that have remembered clearly. It really hit home when I read the first time. " Most people's biggest fear is that if people knew them, really knew them, they wouldn't like them." So we spend all this time guarding who we are. Only letting out little pieces tentatively a time. When I meet new people -- I don't automatically think they are going to like me. I am careful with my words and how much I let them see.
The truth is....the opposite of that is more true. Think about when you get to know a new friend or first started dating someone. The more you learned about them ... the more you loved them. I love that I know that shaun's legs twitch as he falls asleep. I love that I know my sons favorite toys, cartoons and foods. I love that I know what he wants sometimes without him even saying it. I love that I know my friend's coffee orders, even the really complicated ones.

It is hard to reject someone that is being that vulnerable. It is hard not to love that boldness. I'm not saying everyone who meets us will be our new best friend. They won't. Even if we give them 5 things. But if we let people see more, if we look for more in them -- more often than not we will be harder to hate.

So what's your 5?


spaghettipie said...

Hmmm, I'll have to think about this one. Can I come back later?

Beth & Eric said...

I agree. I love this blog! (I won't get into my diatribe about the lessons taught to us by Grey's Anatomy... I'll forward that to your other e-mail.)

Some of my 5!
1. I organize my groceries on the check-out conveyor belt, and it really bothers me if I can't put my dairy with dairy, cold with cold, cans with cans, etc.
2. I get way too easily annoyed by certain noises... A lesson taught to me by my father. Especially gulping, loud eating, and bass that shakes my apartment!
3. I sucked my thumb until I had to go to High School! (Only at home in bed, but still!)
4. I absolutely love the Game Show Network.
5. And, in light of yesterday's football events, I do NOT believe in booing for your team. I will stay to the end of a game (well, except for that Baylor one!) especially if my team is losing. I am officially obsessed with Fantasy Football. I could never play a sport, but I love cheering for one!

Katie said...

1. I'm addicted to stupid reality shows on random cable networks.

2. I hate soggy bread with a passion that rivals most anything else.

3. I talk to myself in my car on long drives (outloud).

4. I danced to "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany in a 5th grade talent show and it's on videotape somewhere.

5. I'm very scared of bending over with jeans on and showing the world things that should not be seen in public.

michelle said...

sadly, i also have 2-5 of Katie's and Beth's 1.
The Tiffany dance was more of a college talent show for me though. We should compare routines.