pushing 30 at the House of Blues

Friday night me and Shaun had tickets at the House of Blues. Tegan and Sara. ( they are awesome and you should totally check them out if you are into 2 hip twins from canada -- they almost make up for canada's other 2 musical blemishes: shania twain and celene dion).

The night was fun and amazing but full of not so gentle reminders of my age.

1. The show started at 9. as in pm. as in very close to the time i am usually in bed. also that was just the opening act ( northern state who totallly rocked.....you should also check them out...kind of a female version of the beastie boys).

2. What to wear? the House of Blues is a little bit hip. I don't think Ann Taylor Loft counts as hip. I couldn't find one single pair of jeans in my closet with holes in them. paint yes, but holes no. When did i get so grown up that my clothes actually look new when I buy them.

3. Getting ready for my night on the town also included laying out pjs, diapers and leaving insturctions for the babysitter.

4. I seriously considered valet parking. 12$. Used to be I would walk a mile to save 2$ in parking. We settled for the close by gravel lot for 10$.

5. Apparently the word was out about Tegan and Sara and the place was completely packed. Me and Shaun didn't do our research so we did not know that T&S are very popular with the girl crowd. As in the all girl crowd. This wasn't necessarily a negative for us ( hey -- we have been to Ani difranco!).....just a surprise. I was suddenly a bit self consious about my hetero-ness. My first thought was, "damn - I bet there will be a really long line in the women's bathroom".

6. I was very annoyed with the smoke. the HOB is smoke free but there smoking porch is right where you walk in. I have never been a smoker....but i used to have a slight affinity for party smell. Tonight I just held my breathe and took a shower when I got home.

7. The bouncer looked over the couple in front of mine's ids. He asked ?s about birthdays and everything. When he got to mine, he barely even looked at.

8. I kept looking at my watch. The show was amazing, but babysitters charge by the hour and it was way way past my bedtime.

9. Three beers was apparently 2 too many. My head pounded in the morning and my stomach didn't feel very reliable.

10. The worst reminder was there was no sleeping in after a fun night out. O woke up ready to go at 6:20. Let the potty training commence.


spaghettipie said...

:) You crack me up. We are getting old.

Katie said...

Hey I was at HOB a few weeks ago and definitely felt my age. They didn't even glance at my ID (sad) but then again I wasn't drinking (saturday night so work the next morning - very early morning). I also play the game "who is older than me in the crowd" game. A sad state usually except for that poor middle age parent who got dragged to the concert with their hip teenagers.