please forward to 10 of your closest friends or terrible horrible no good things will happen

email forwards. really. people still send those. lately i have gotten at least 2-3 silly forwards a day from someone new to my email address. some of them are cute and funny but, i hate forwards. i feel bad for posting this so publically. What if he/she reads it and gets his/her feelings hurt. email forwarders do seem to be the type to get hurt feelings easily. occasionally i will forward something on if it is particularly cute, clever or funny........but it has to be really good. i hate opening my inbox and seeing all these silly warm feel good powerpoints, or friendship or men bashing or cute little boys peeing on the toilet seat. i waste my time by reading most of them. what if there is a really good one in there......i do not want to miss out. no i do not believe that if i don't forward it to every person in my inbox that i will have bad luck for the next 77 years. I do not believe that if i do forward it that I will win the lottery. I do not believe that if i forward it to 50 people i will recieve a 50$ gift card from the Gap or from a foreign dignatary from another country.........but a little bit inside me wonders. I especially hate the forwards that you have to forward to 10 other people to see the answer. I do not want to subject my friends to this crap........but i really want to know the answer or see what happens. Religious ones are also especially haneous because i hate the 20 slide powerpoint of inspirational pictures and verses set to the soundtrack of some especially corny song written by twaila paris or micheal w. smith ( unless of course it is friends are friends forever and then i weep like a schoolgirl). What would Jesus do? I'll tell ya, he'd hit the delete button.

I do like some of the 80s forwards, funny videos (like the kid who kept saying she was going to kick the monster's ass and my new favorite the mom song ), or some really good photos. There should be some email forwarding ettiquitte out there. I wish there was a way to tell somone to STOP flooding my inbox with their crap without worrying about sounding rude. There should be an online service to hook up forward addicts with each other. That way they can send each other silly stuff all day long and not bug anyone else. One year I had a parent of a student send my 5-6 "enlightening" emails a day. She almost gave me a crisis of faith. So next time you think about hitting forward.........make sure it is really good. If you didn't actually cry or laugh outloud for more than 30 seconds......think twice before unloading it on everyone in your address book.