haircut = little boy and bye bye sweet toddler


When i picked O up today he was a mess. I asked his teacher if he showed up with his hair brushed this morning, and she swore he did. Poor kid must have gotten the Wallis wave. All of Shaun's family has straight thick hair. Mine is wavy. Not good wavy. Old inconsistent perm wavy. One side will be perfect, while the other kicks out the complete opposite way. Also humidity is the enemy. So after Owen's nap he had one side marching to it's own drummer, something (hopefully lunch and not snot) matted into another portion and an unfortunate cowlick. I decided it was time for a hair cut. It really was pretty long. I could have put it in pig tails if I wanted. I asked the lady at Kool Kuts if she could do a faux hawk cut....thinking it would be kept long on top. Kind of inbetween skater and preppy and he wouldn't have to lose all that pretty blond hair. Turns out, O picked today to be an angel and he sat there perfectly in his little firetruck seat while she cut.........and cut..........and cut. there was more hair on the floor than when i get my hair cut. we could have donated it to locks of love there was that much hair. When she was done, O got a sucker and I barely recognized my own kid.


Amy said...

Ok so I showed C the pictures of O and on the second one he said, "that's not O". I think he looks so cute. Be careful they start acting bigger when they get a haircut for some reason!