who says two is terrible?

This morning, I got plenty of strenuous cardio for way less than the 30$ a month most gyms charge. For the low low price of 3$ and a mandatory pair of socks – I spent a good hour+ chasing a few two year olds around bouncing bonanza ( think an old grocery store filled w/ bounce houses). I’d bet the sweaty pit stains on my white t-shirt that I worked out just as hard as if I’d gone to an aerobics class. This is a pretty normal morning.
Well, change out the bounce house with the park, or swimming, or the science museum, or the zoo, or library story time ( you would think that would be low impact – but chasing my son around and trying to get him to sit on his mat like the rest of the toddlers is enough to get my heart rate up). On good days there is a stop for coffee along the way.
Next comes lunch. Half the time it is shared with friends, the other half it is mac and cheese or pb&j. Turns out I love pb&j and little Debbie even more fiercely than I did in grade school. Then my favorite part of the day…..once I can finally wrestle Owen down is nap time. I usually get a bit of a snooze in myself……followed up with some reading, cleaning, ellen, the internet or my least favorite laundry until Owen wakes back up. Then, my second favorite part of the day……..snack time. I also partake in this one and we head back outside to play until “DADDY DADDY DADDY” comes home.
Two is supposed to be terrible. My summer has been anything but. My kid is funny. We laugh and hug and wrestle and play chase. Yes there is the occasional daily meltdown……and plenty of minutes spent in time out. Sometimes he whines and destroys and asks to watch CARS over and over but no one does it cuter. He howls at the moon and dances to any commercial with music in it and dips anything and everything into catsup. Sometimes he shares his lunch with the dog and body slams the cat and colors on the carpet ( or couch or wall or floor or yes, the cat). Last summer he was just learning to walk. He still stuck everything in his mouth. His vocabulary consisted of about a half dozen words, now we run and talk back and state our opinion. He tells me when he needs a new diaper or juice or his shoes off. “momma” has turned into “mommy” and it makes me melt almost as fast as the snow cones we share. Two is completely un-terrible.


spaghettipie said...

okay, a) I LOVE that picture. b) I agree that two (although we're not quite there) is not terrible but so much fun and c) i will be SO SAD when summer is over and you go back to school!