diet..........ughhh....Day 1

ok, so this weekend i was at the beach. the beach has a magical quality of making you want to lay there and soak up sun one minute, but also to get moving the next. hit the waves, go for a walk, throw a frisbee. Maybe it is just all those other skinny people in bathing suits, but regardless of the motivating factor on my first afternoon there I thought I would go for a jog. Anne Lammot ( a kick ass author) wrote an entire chapter in her book Traveling Mercies about being comfortable with her thighs in a bathing suit. She even named them her "aunties". My thighs do not have names and for everyone else's benefits I think I should keep them covered at all times. This means my bathing suits all have cute little skirts or shorts to match. On this particular day I was wearing a cute tropical tankini that came with matching board shorts. So about a half mile down the beach my inner thighs were burning. If you are skinny you have no idea what I am referring to. Your thighs do not touch. Ever. But while jogging mine experience enough friction to start a small fire. And speaking of fire they were burning so bad I finally broke down and took my shorts off ( of course i had bathing suit bottoms underneath). I was near tears......all the salt and sand and plastic shorts managed to wear through at least the top 2 layers of my skin on my inner thighs. I walked back with my aunties hanging out and very bow-legged like i had just ridden a horse and immediately went in to assess the damage and change suits. It was official, i had some serious fat rash.
So, now for the diet. ughh. 10 lbs by oct 1 ( that date b/c that is when my new insurance sarts meaning i can start trying to get pregnant). The only way i can lose weight is with:
1. competition -- me and my sister racing. The first one to 10 gets a free night of babysitting for a hot date.
2. accountability -- in leu of paying for WW ( weight watchers for you skinny poeple) online, i figure i will just post my weight each week on here. I saw a website where this guy took a picture of himself every morning and posted it. I'll spare you.
3. reward -- i always work on the reward system. If i make the 10 lbs by Oct 1, my mom pays for a pedicure.....

I forgot to weigh myself first thing in the morning. ( once again for you skinny people, you weigh less when you wake up, naked and just after peeing), but i did strip down and pee first. 155.

I went to Target and bought all kinds of healthy crap. I am mean when i am hungry, so i have to eat plenty.......I just need to make better choices and not waste any calories. I am trying to drink lots and lots of water and plan to hit the Y tonight. no excuses.
I'll spare you the Bridgett Jones-esque list of what i eat everyday.....but will post my weight and thoughts each week and maybe a few recipes.
Now, if you'll excuse me........I have to go make a smoothie.


spaghettipie said...

You are so brave!

I'd love to walk alongside you with the dieting/weight loss thing, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to post my weight every week. Went to the gym tonight, though, and it felt good...

michelle said...

i wanted to fudge on it.....but figured it would make me more accountable if i didn't. trust me it is motivating.