popcorn with butter

When I first moved to town, I was 23. A newlywed. Living in a little townhouse in a big city. Where I mostly didn’t know anyone. My husband at the time traveled more than he was home and I had a lot of free time. I was sad and lonely and didn’t want to admit it. So if my husband was gone for the week, I often alternated my nights between the gym, Barnes and Noble and going to movies. By myself.

And I liked it.
I saw all kinds of movies. Once I even stooped low enough to see one starring Brittany Spears (Crossroads). And something about going to these movies was catharthic.
I could lose myself in someone else’s story for 2 hours. It was dark. There was popcorn with butter. And I am not at all a public crier, but somehow it felt perfectly acceptable to cry my eyes out in a movie theatre and feel a lot less alone than I did in my apartment.

Then I made friends, got busy, Shaun stayed home more and I started to know enough people in town that I was embarrassed about being busted at the movies by myself.
But me and Shaun still saw lots of movies. We were often at the Friday showing on opening weekend and even would drive to Dallas to see the weird ones at Angelica or Magnolia.

And then we had kids.
And movies were a thing of the past. At least ones in theatres. At least ones with out talking animals.

Every once in a while we’d get a sitter and see a movie or I’d go with girlfriends. But mostly if we had a few hours to ourselves we wanted to be able to have a conversation. And I even missed going to movies by myself. But if I get 2 hours to myself these days I try to take a nap, or for a run, or when I’m really lucky to the grocery store by myself. I tried sneaking off to a movie about a year ago. And ended up sitting, happily, but slightly embarrassed with my friend’s entire family. And stealing their popcorn.

But recently, my husband was another big travel stint. And my brain had been working overtime. And dark theatre with a decent plot can shut it off at least for a few hours.
So, I usually don’t get to see too many movies, but in the last few weeks I have seen four good ones. So here are my reviews.

1) Crazy Stupid Love.
All I need to say is this: crazy stupid awesome.
(ryan gossling with his shirt off also helped)
my rating: four stars and a travel pack of Kleenex.

2) The Help. I went by myself. The theatre was packed so I had to sit next to an older couple. I’ve read the book. I knew what to expect. I still cried the ugly cry. I was loud. I was snotty. My face turned red and puffy and I think the couple next to me wondered if I was going to be able to drive myself home. The second the credits started to roll I bolted out of the theatre so no one would see my messy. I drove around a little before getting back to the babysitter so that my face would be slightly less red when I got there. She wasn’t fooled.
my rating: four stars and an entire box of Kleenex and something to wash my face with and sunglasses to wear home. even at night.

3) One Day. Shaun was a good sport and saw this with me. And we both liked it. Was a little When Harry Met Sally but sadder. Made an Anne Hathaway fan out of me. ( although I'm still not so sure about her as catwoman)
my rating 3.5 stars another travel pack of Kleenex

4)My Idiot Brother. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since I saw the previews. Paul Rudd, producer of Little Miss Sunshine, family dysfunction at it's finest and a dog named Willie Nelson all make for a great movie.
my rating: 3.5 stars and a at least a few kleenex. I’m not sure this was supposed to be sad, but I might have shed a few tears in my queso.

and....for Ned


redheadreverie said...

Oh girlfriend you are speaking my language. My hubby and went to the movies EVERY Friday night. It was our thing...then kids. So now we have to pick choose. I so miss it. And I'm so jealous of your movie Marathon. I've only seen The Help, and I was the same type of mess as you...totally bawled my eyes out. Now that's the sign of a great movie.

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RunSingTeach said...

I love this post! When I spent 6 mo teaching in small town Iowa I went to the movies, by myself, every Sunday after church. I was single and without local friends, I loved it. I don't have kids now, but in the real adult world it still feels like a luxury to go out.

Thanks for your great posts.