How to play it safe.

Some reccomendations on how to play it safe:
Order the same thing. You already know you like it.
Shop at the Gap.
Wear appropriate swimwear. And never forget sunscreen.
Keep your training wheels on.
Don’t call.
Don’t go first.
Save for a rainy day.
Keep waiting for that rainy day.
Carry an umbrella.
Work late.
Pick neutral tones. For your walls and nails and cars.
Wear a helmet. And kneepads.
Keep your windows rolled up and your doors locked.
Screen your calls.
Hit save instead of send.
Never wrestle.
Never commit.
Play by the rules.
Don’t make promises. Just in case you can’t keep them.
Eat in your room or your cubicle.
Get coffee by yourself.
Do what always works.
Always have a plan and a map.
Don’t do things that scare you. ever.
Dress in layers.
Match your socks.
Have conditions.
Put your keys in the same place every night.
Always take your phone.
Get a second opinion.
Always use a dryer sheet.
Use your parking brake.
If it’s not working, give up.
Love less.

And. Those are all good things. Things I should probably do more of.
Protecting. Being careful. Waiting.
Sometimes it is good to play by the rules and be prepared.
And sometimes I do. I have had entire years of being good at being safe.
And when I did I rarely got in trouble or hurt or noticed.
But they were awfully boring years.

And my last few years have been the opposite of safe.
I’ve thrown caution to the wind.
And I've had a good time.
And I've had all kinds of consequences.
I've gotten lost. I've lost my keys.
Speeding tickets.
A reputation that I don’t quite own or want.
A hurt heart. More than once.
And I’ve had to say I’m sorry a lot. A LOT.

And there are some things I want to change.
There are times to play by the rules.
And there are times to make up new ones.
There are times to throw out the map.
But there are times to wait and ask and listen.
Finding a balance is tricky.
But one thing I think I’m sure of. There is never a time to love less.
(and I’m not all that fond of neutral colors either)

(and b/c i've been such an iconsistant blogger as of late and kind of gave up on the friday playlist like a year ago..but I can't get away from music. so i've been meaning to add songs to every post. ones I like or apply or are sticking to me at the moment....and a few others I'm stuck on right now.... We Will All Be Changed by Seryn and Belong by the Carey Brothers).


This Heavenly Life said...

This really tugs at me because while all my instincts are to play it safe...I'm getting bored. And there's too much *life* left ahead of us and our family to be bored.

Finding the balance, could get messy.

Which would equal interesting. So...good :)

Kate said...

I've been sticking too close to safe lately. And it makes me grumpy and lonely and I say no too much. Like any rut it's hard to break free of though, and there are some things, like putting my keys in the same spot that really make me more sane. Those I'll keep. But loving less? Not calling? Having coffee alone? No.

samskat said...

Feeling this way too. And its small, but i've started painting my toenails "crazy" colors. Like bright purple (tonight i'm planning on a nice "Easter-y" lavender). It makes me smile to see them. Now if I can just work on the other safe stuff.