just married.

Our Sunday school class has been doing a series on marriage and intimacy for most of the summer. We have been out of town a lot and I didn’t always do my homework but when we were there….It has lead to some great conversations. Most of which I am not mature enough for. I make silly jokes. Turn all kinds of shades of red. And my husband mostly checks his phone.

And today was no different. Until the class was almost over. We were mid funny embarrassing story when the pastor walks in. (and trust me it wasn’t the kind of funny story that you want a pastor to walk in on) We finished the story anyways which lead to all kinds of laughter and inappropriate jokes (my favorite kind) and she gets up and tells us to stand and face each other and hold hands.

Most of us are still kind of giggling. And it all feels awkward and weird. And then she starts reading.
And every couple in the room is facing each other. Holding hands. And repeating their vows.
And I couldn’t help but notice that every woman in the room (me included) was getting a little teary.

No one wore big poofy dresses or tuxes.
There was no bridal party.
There was no photographer or florist.
There was no cake or punch.
No one sang. No one read 1 Corinthians 13.
I wasn’t even wearing lipstick and am pretty sure I had coffee breathe.

But every couple in the room.
Promised again.
To have and to hold.
And even without the show and the big ceremony.
Those words felt heavy and full and the room was silent except for the promises that were being made.
With full awareness this time to how hard they can be to keep.
But all promising to do just that.
Because sometimes we need a little reminding.

And she prayed.
And we kissed our new/old spouses.
And the women in the room all wiped their eyes.
And we went back to laughing and storytelling.
But the moment wasn’t lost on anyone.

And now I’m wondering if I get 2 anniversaries?
Or at least some cake….