i'm a slacker

I'm on summer vacation. And apparently a blog vacation as well.
So, since I haven't been putting much out here....let me give you some great sights to help you waste time.

I mean if you aren't busy playing angry birds (like my husband, son, and mother in law), or tweeting ( I still don't write them...can't work w/in word limits or follow b/c my husband reads enough of them outloud to me), playing words with friends (I don't do that either because I think I'd have to join a 12 step program to stop), playing outside (you obviously don't live where i live where it is a bizillion degrees), or being productive (like cleaning or something...and if that is you. stop. you are just making the rest of us look bad), or even worse working (sorry, you don't get a summer like me, i'd tell you to consider a career change but i still need people to sell me frozen yogurt and let's face it...this is not the best time to think about teaching....and despite what everyone thinks....NOT EVERYONE CAN DO IT!)

so. some of my favorite online time wasters....guarenteed for some good laughs.

1. Damn You Auto Correct! People's iphones have a mind of their own. Expect a little naughty. But you will laugh outloud I promise. I've had a few of my own.... such as "at gym", once turned into "at gunpoint". or another time my friend came to pick me up and intended to text me "i'm here" instead I got "i'm heterosexual". I was glad for the clarification.

2. Dear blank, please blank.  One of my newest favorites...and it is just like it sounds. One of the latest...
Dear Dr. Phil,
More kids are addicted to Facebook than marijuana.


SplitEndz said...

you are hysterical!! was very entertained reading your blogs! love your sense of humor. your family is adorable:)
thanks for the info on the websites. ill keep that in mind:)