at the wheel

Since my son just had a birthday, I figured it was time we teach him to drive.

He just turned six. And I’m not even sure he will be able to reach the pedals in another ten years.

And some of you might be thinking that six is too young to drive, but I was taking the wheel on my dad or brother’s lap at least by then. And you think all that extra practice would have made me a better driver….but that is another blog post.

So this morning, I needed to run to the gas station and told him he could crawl on my lap and steer down the dirt road. Until we got to the highway. We can’t do these kinds of things in town and better take advantage of the opportunities when we can.
He was hesitant. But sat on my lap and grabbed the wheel anyways.
And then on the way back. And again on the next run with his dad.
And dad gave him a little more command of the wheel than I did.
I just kept telling him to watch the road and try to keep it straight, but we were swerving all over the place.
On the grass. Almost in the ditch. And then he’d correct and jerk the wheel back in the opposite direction. And we’d end up on the other side of the ditch.
Then – just when he got it going steady or center, the road would turn. And he'd have to start all over again.

And I hardly think about keeping my car on the road and can steer with my knees or while checking my phone, while eating lunch, or while changing the song on my radio.
Yes, I know those are all bad habits. And it is no wonder why I have so many tickets!
But despite my bad habits – I usually can keep my car in the right lane.

I do understand my son’s tendency to overcompensate. To overcorrect. That is something I still quite haven’t figured out. And I still get frustrated when you finally get it figured out and the path changes. And usually the answer is as simple as keeping your focus in the right place and trying to keep going straight ahead.

And we can all be thankful that this kid has another ten years before he is street legal. Me, however, you might want to watch out for.

(and I’ve only got dial up here…so will have to upload pics later )


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