weekend playlist: bad weather dance party

It has been a long week.
my own kids sick, hard at school, broken car, washing machine and toilet. and of course some additional drama.
And outside is even worse. Cold, rain, snow and overall yuck.
Which means there is only one thing to do. Get on your jammies and dance it out in the living room.


Kier's Serendipity said...

Your kiddos are making me smile...really BIG!

samskat said...

I love that their dance styles are so different!!! Also, um, Tess seems to actually move to the rhythm of the music...which is pretty incredible!! :)

Alyssa said...

Maybe I need to take yoga from Tess; she seems to have some new poses that I haven't seen before. I think her style could be Tessercise = a combination of yoga, ballet, and hip hop; it just might give Jazzercise a run for its money!