an ordinary wednesday night

Right now my son and husband are on the floor matching socks. It just might take them all night.

Earlier while I was on the treadmill at the gym, my daughter chunked a snowglobe, a big glass one, at her older brother. Thankfully she missed.

We all ate our weight in queso at dinner (and yes we had more than just queso for dinner, but I’m counting salsa as a vegetable tonight). And I'm thinking that the queso and the treadmill kind of cancel each other out.

I think Owen snuck some soap into the dishwasher tonight because just a few minutes after turning it on foam poured all over kitchen floor. It looked like something from I love Lucy. Shaun got frustrated because I laughed and wanted to take a picture rather than actually turn the thing off and try to clean it up.

Tess is always in my makeup. Usually she just paints her face up ridiculously. Tonight she got my foundation and rubbed ALL of it into the carpet.

Not long after the snow globe incident, Tess and her brother snuggled in a laundry basket and played some kind of made up game involving pretending to be dogs.

And speaking of the dog, she is sick. We had this dog long before we had kids. And tonight, we are giving her just a little bit of the attention she used to get back then. At 2 am however, my patience and attention factor will be waning if she coughs all night like she did last. I thought she just had a hairball (do dogs even get those?), Shaun thought it was pneumonia. 150$ later and the vet just tells us to go buy some Robitussin.

Shaun measured Tess on the doorframe tonight. She has grown 2 inches in the last 2 months. I think this has to be a mistake, but it’s probably not.

I should have had Tess in bed an hour ago.

As I type, me and Shaun are watching some TV. This is rare. And I'm a good multitasker. So I'm not even going to try and blame the fact that I am watching TV and blogging at the same time as an excuse for such a boring and random post.

That was a list of a slew of ordinary boring nothing moments. Ones I’d be hard pressed to tell you about next week or maybe even tomorrow. Because I wouldn't remember them.
Ones that maybe don’t belong in any blog post or mean anything to anyone but me.
But I’m going to write them down anyways.
Because they are mine.
And my families.
And I want to keep as many of them as I can.
Because sometimes the ordinary moments are just as important as the big ones.


mommaof3 said...

This post is totally why I can't buy into the phrase "Life's not about the breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away"

I think if we sit around waiting to be blown away we will miss al the little things along the way. Life is absolutely about the breaths we take. Each day, living ordinary life, loving our children, loving our spouses, loving our Lord.

He so wants our every breath, not just the big shebang....

Ann Kroeker said...

Back when we used actual film to take photographs, we were much more selective about what we'd snap. And we tended to snap photos of the bigger moments--trips, birthdays, surprises. We didn't waste film on ordinary moments or everyday stuff.

I think blogs and digital film have changed the way we view life (and document it), and we are starting to see the value and importance of the little things.

We can take as many pictures of dandelions and kids brushing their hair as we want without feeling that we've "wasted" them...and it's helping us see that none of those moments is wasted. Not one.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful little events. Even the makeup smeared on the carpet (though I'm very sorry to hear about that--hope it came out easily!).

Shutterbug said...

this made my day... thanks so much for sharing!

Spiegs said...

I love your house. Sometimes I wish I lived in it and could just watch. I'm sure I would have good times.

Busymomma said...

Wow! It is nice to be reminded that life is not always about the "Big" things. How quickly it would pass us by if we simply waited to document only those big events.
Sometimes in life the little moments through time become the big moments that we remember most.