that man i married.

our kids are at gram and grumps for the week, which means we can go to movies, i can stay up late, i can sleep in, i can watch whatever i want on tv, I can go in and get coffee rather than waiting in a misearably long drive through line, i can go play tennis, take naps and have lunch with friends that do not involve happy meals.

don't get me house is eerily quiet...too quiet. In the morning and night especially I want to squeeze and snuggle my kids.....but I am enjoying my "freedom" and spending time with that man I married.

See most of other time he is my relief when he gets home, the lawn mower, diaper changer, monster scare awayer, tuck back -ner, discpliner, you take this one - i take that one guy. We do a lot of child handing off. We take turns at things like going to the bathroom by ourselves ( a rarity) or going for a run. We do plenty of things as a family but not so many things as just husband and wife ( we can thank Tess for scaring off so many babysitters).

So the last few days, I have been anxious for Shaun to get home from work......not so I can hand off kids and go to the grocery store with two in tow, but so we can go eat good food, talk about things and never have to spell out a word, have grown up drinks, go to movies and just hang out without waiting for someone to cry in the next room.

I'm anxious to get my kids back.......but for right now I am just enjoying having my husband back.


Alyssa said...

So sweet! And that's a great pic of y'all!