spiritual gifts inventory

So I have taken that spiritual gifts inventory test at least a half dozen times in the last 15 years.

I am all for finding and using your gifts......I think this silly little quiz falls very short.

a) I usually cheat. Not like copy off of my neighbor cheat, but answer like I think I should or based on what I think my gifts are.

b) the words are weird and scary and really generic. exhortation, apostleship, sheperding..just to name a few.

c) the paint a pretty small box. I mean I know these words are meant to be broad but sometimes I need specific.

when I think of gifts i think of those crazy televangalists shouting "heal", or my friends who can pray without falling asleep or at least the ones that don't worry about what other people are thinking when they pray outloud. i like the idea of hospitality, as long as we do it at someone else's house ( mine is too messy). i want to be a servant, but 75% of the time I just keep driving.

I am usually not "using my gifts". More like I keep them around for special occasions...but sometimes I do. And they aren't necessarily things you might find on a spiritual inventory list. I'd say they would look more like this:

a few photos.

a cup of coffee.

green beans.

a few written words.

gas money.

a bottle of water.

a bathing suit.


a really good mix cd.
not exactly things that are going to show up on any inventory, but things that are all well recieved. Apparently it isn't so much about the gift itself, more about how it is given.