Somehow I have missed the boat on Sabbath. I always pictured it as some ancient pre-historic tradition. Like walking for miles to church and not using electricity on Sunday. Like being forced to only read the bible and speak in a whisper. Or, I know many people in the ministry who take "sabbath" on Friday or Monday. My translation -- their day off since they work on Sunday.
My translation was a poor one, sine my Sundays ( or days off) usually consist of crazy. church, lunch, a soccer game, grocery shopping for the week, paying bills, tackling the giant pile of laundry, a nap (if I am lucky) and then the real fun begins. All the school work, grading and lesson planning that I have put off for the entire week must be addressed. I usually spent my evening in a frenzy of trying to get caught up.Then I spend Monday morning tired, cranky and frazzled from not finishing. Meaning, other than church, coffee, donuts and the occasional Sunday nap there isn't much to look forward to. I almost dread it. At least the parts where I have to face all my work and responsibilities that I have been putting off the rest of the weekend.

But what if, gasp, I graded those papers ( well during the school year at least) on Friday, picked up the house a little on Saturday, maybe gave soccer a haitus for a while and truly enjoyed my Sunday. A whole day with nothing on the to-do list or things hanging over my head. I am breathing slower just thinking about it.

So where did I get this genius idea of actually taking a day for myslef, my family and my God. Of resting, playing, praying and reguvinating. Well, besides the fact that it is oh, a commandmant in the bible, I just read Rest by Kerri Wyatt Kent. She mapped out some practical ways to experience "sabbath simplicity" as Jesus preached and modeled. I loved that it wasn't a list of "do this, don't do that". I loved that just reading it made me feel the good kind of lazy. Like lighting a candle, pouring a big mug of coffee, and quiet and centered. I loved that reading it made me want to change. Made me want to attempt in small ways creating some of that space in my home.

I can't wait for Sunday ( and another one of her books that I ordered off of Amazon to show up in the mail)!

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Alyssa said...

Great review!

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Hey Michelle, thanks for the great review! Nice blog. I'll try to visit again.
blessings to you.