laundry day

My rules for professional dress go as follows:
1. Sunday clothes = Monday clothes.
2. Iron, is just going to get wrinkled in the car anyways right?
3. Socks do not need to match. Don't waste your time trying to pair them up. If forget that their is an assembly and sit next to an actual grown up who happens to notice and comment on your Easter bunny sock on the right food, shock her speachless by flashing the St. Patricks day sock on the left. (those English teachers are so into details.)
4. Also completely unnessary to shave past the point of visibility. This is capri weather, so no need to go much above the ankles. But hey, no one is probably checking out your ankles so feel free to skip this rule altogether..
5. When all of your clothes are dirty and you desperately need to do laundry...then and only then, break out the dresses and skirts.
6. Nice outfits mean you can skimp on the hair or makeup. blazer = ponytail. People are so distracted by the fancy clothes that they do not notice the greasy hair.
7. Can solid black work out pants double as classic black chino. I think so!
8. Start the year by setting the bar low. Then when you stumble out of bed and walk out the door a few months one can actually tell.
9. Most important question to ask your self when walking out the door in the
morning...not: "Does this match?" or "Does this make me look fat?" or "what cute earings do I have to match?" or even "Did I button all the buttons?"........but "Do I still have time to get coffee?"
10. Tones that hide coffee stains well are also a plus. (see #9)