Who is Who?

Neither of my children have come out looking quite like I expected. Not like anyone expected. Owen had a full head of dark almost black hair. He looked like Shaun in almost every other way ( as long as you don't ask his mom).....but the hair totally threw us off. I was expecting blonde, or atleast light brown like mine.

Tess, was about 9 days early and a girl so I was expecting at least a pound smaller than Owen. This time I was prepared for the dark hair.....and was hoping for just as much as Owen. She came out bald on top. With lightish, and occasionally orangish looking hair. No eyebrows, no eyelashes and big full cheeks. She topped the scales over 8 lbs, and an once more than her big brother made his appearance at.
I couldn't place her. She had some aspects of her dad. My hands and feet......but I couldn't really tell who she looked like.

When I looked at Owen's first day pictures they look almost exactly alike.
I am amazed at how quickly they change. Not how fast they grow. That is expected, but how different they can become. The alsmot black hair turned blonde, almost white. The blue eyes turned deep brown. So now that she is here and we have gotten a good look and about a million pictures......I sitll wonder how she will become. Next month, Next year, Next decade.

The top picture is Tess.
Bottom picture is Owen.
Both on their first day.......