We all have our quirks.
Shaun rubs his nose with his fist, back and forth. I swear his entire nose must be made of rubber.
My friend Wendy hates all white foods ( even ranch and whipped cream).
Owen is afraid of ladybugs.
I hate to get things on my hands. Sometimes I can prepare myself for it and not totally freak out ( like when eating finger foods or playing in the mud w/O).....but if something accdientally finds it's way on my hands ( especially food or other ickies) I panick. I am no longer a normal functioning person and just start making werid noises until someone hands me a papertowel or napkin ( even if there is one already in my lap).
No I am not usually a neat freak. In fact I am probably one of the grossest people you know. My shower grows mold. I can go days without washing my hair. I never remember to change the sheets. With me the 30 second rule is more like a 3 minute rule. But I have zero tolerance for ick on me.
Kids completely throw this rule out the window. If the birthing process isn't gross enough it is quickly followed by lots of spit up and baby poop and crusty cords. It only gets more disguisting after that.
Yesterday, O came down with a fast fever. I was hosting a baby shower most of the day but met Shaun at one of those non emergency clinics on my way home. O said he had to go to the bathroom. So I pulled his pants off and set him on the potty. He pointed everything in the right direction and looked good to go, and then suddenly projectile vomited across the room. I did what any good consoling mom would do and jumped as far back as I good. As soon as I realized he was going to have a repeat performance, I pointed him over the toilet. Waited until he was finished and sought plastic bags, paper towels and Lysol wipes from the receptionist. We cleaned up. Changed O's clothes and got him some juice from the Subway next door while we waited on his strep test to come up positive.
About 2 hours later after picking up medications ( for the both of us),a few groceries , and washing Owen's puke clothes...I sat down to relax on the couch. I flipped through the channels and got comfy before relizing I was still wearing my puked on pants. I had attacked them with a lysol wipe in the doctor's office but I was still sporting some red pukey splashes with that classic odor that doesn't easily wipe away. I was so comfy and tired that I really had to talk myself into getting up and changing.
Today at breakfast I got pancake syrup on the back of my hand and had a meltdown. We must come with some kind of mommy immunity.