number 2

The second child always seems to get the shaft. To be honest I couldn't even tell me where the 8 week sono picture is and I never even emailed it to anyone.

This pregnancy has flown by so far. I have a feeling that for the summer chasing a three year old who refuses to nap and wearing a bathing suit while wearing skin for two might not move as quickly. Don't get me wrong I have noticed. Every time I puked, didn't get a much longed for afternoon nap ( most days) and couldn't button my pants I was reminded of this baby. The incessant kicking lately is also insisting that it's presence be made known.....what I mean is a sever lack of planning and thinking about all things pastel and powdery. Yes I still check the sites weekly to see how she has grown. I occasionally worry that she is ok. I have tried not to lift things that are too heavy......except of course for Owen and have decided it is ok to quit the gym. What I hadn't done is settle on a name ( well at least for a boy, thankfully we won't be needing one), pick out bedding, think about what I need, paint colors, clean, or generally spend much time obsessing over baby furniture and paraphernalia.

Yesterday was my 5 month appointment and after much deliberation the sonogropher ( after 3 different trips in and out of her office) announced that it was a girl. Owen immediately plopped himself onto the floor and and cired that he did not want a baby sister. We left with sonogram pictures and me slightly kicked into gear.

This is no longer a little alien fetus that I can put off and plan for later, but a baby girl. Tess Harper. She will need bedding and a painted room and non-blue onsies ( notice I didn't say pink). I texted my little heart out and emailed out a few pics. She has a name and a gender and I think I just might start obsessing. I wandered down the baby aisles at Target. For the first time, other than shopping for presents I lingered on the pink side.


onevoice said...

congratulations! I love the name :)

Kate said...

A girl a girl! I'm so excited for you! I love having both! The experiences are SOOOOOOOOOOO different! Congrats! Now I'm on to comment on the other post!


Kate said...

oh...I thought you were going to name your daughter some Gilmore Girl name???? what happened to that???