We have the worst yard on the cul-de-sac. I am not exaggerating. Even the abondoned house's lawn is kept up better than ours. We hate yard work. Our noses run. Our eyes get red and itchy and it is already stinkin hot. Our neighbors on both sides seem to disagree. They love yard work and are out 2-3 times a week working in their flower beds, trimming hedges and mowing. They don't seem to mind spending lots of money on landscaping and lawn equipment while I would much rather buy a new shirt.
Eventually my grassy flower beds start to get to me and I attempt to weed them out. It is always the same story. As I am pulling weeds and avoiding ants -- I swear I will keep it up better this year. That I will pull weeds when I see them, rather than waiting for my annual event. It takes days. I usually get my first good sunburn of the year and thorns somehow make their way through the gloves and scratch my hands. It is usually too much so I get what I can and pour mulch over the rest, promising once again to pull up the ones that sprout through the the second I see them.
Yesterday my knees and back ached as I pulled. I considered making those same promises but figured they were pretty empty. I also noticed about 4 inches of mulch and ruled and my cover up plans for the last of the weeds. I couldn't help but ponder how much easier this would be if I never let it get so bad.
Sin does that. It comes in takes over and is overgrown before you even notice it. At that point it is a big tangled mess and hard to remove. Sometimes we can cover it up nicely with a fresh bag of mulch -- but eventually it makes it way through that as well. There is only so much covering up a girl can do. So this one is putting back on her gardening gloves and going back out to weed.