down three, up one --the official weigh in.

I did my official weigh in on Monday.....but am a little late getting it posted.
151 -- down 3 lbs. No working out at the gym ( my knee was REALLY sore) and I only played one soccer game. Conclusion -- don't go to the gym if you are trying to lose weight. Some of it from last week probably finally caught up with me. One pound was probably hair, and another was probably just water due to all this freaking heat.
My face is always the first thing to lose weight. This positive because I look skinnier to myself in the mirror and feel encouraged to continue. Negative -- because it isn't my face that needs to fit into any clothes. I felt fine with my face before.........not so much about my thighs.
So it is Wednesday and I am already up a pound from Monday's weigh in. This is to blame on my new school. Monday's menu consisted of Chicken Red's for breakfast ( I split one with someone), and Babes for lunch ( i got a TINY peice of smoked - not there famous fried chicken, but didn't hold back on the sides or banana pudding). Then for dinner was burgers and desserts galore. An entire cafertia table covered with homemade desserts........I couldn't resist -- but I did try to stick to small portions.
On the up side -- no lattes or machiattos all week. I have not had a snack ALL freakin day and resisted those brownies at bible study. I am hungry and will go to bed with a headache -- but the occasional size 8 fits again making it all worth it.
My parents will be here this weekend and it will be a dad always means good free food.


spaghettipie said...

And who's on my blog talking about brownies??

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good for you! Hey, I like your blog. Keep it up