slightly old school friday playlist

The ipod connector in my car isn't working, so I have had to drag some old cds out of the attic. I haven't bought cds in ages so my playlist is a little dated. just like the photos. The pics could have been better if:
a) I spend more than 2 minutes on my lunch break picking them out
b) I actually scanned them in rather than just taking pictures of pictures on my phone.
Sorry...I'll try to make up for it in commentary!

ok, guessing about sophomore/junior year of college at a soccer banquet. My hair cut is the same. His not so much. And I think that might be the last time I saw him wear a tie.
Freshman year. Bad purple hair. I have on a lamb name tag. And my hot pink lipstick and bad jumper aren't doing me any favors. Just glad someone else had on a bad plaid dress too. You could possibly sell advertising space on my forehead.
9th or 10th grade of high school school photo. That shirt was silk, Esprit and I loved it. AND HORRIBLE. But my hair has never looked better. And possibly never seen hot rollers since that day.

Senior year of HS soccer picture. My favorite thing about this photo, besides the perfect head tilt is that it looks like my leg is cut off at the knee.


Beth (and Eric) said...

What happened to "Strawberry Wine"?! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicka-Cherry-Cola and Stay!!! Great list. Hot pics. I am glad the plaid dresses are gone, but I wish that we could still wear overalls! ;) Miss you so much.

samskat said...

Wow...what an inspirational blog that could be..."How I played soccer w/only one leg!" ;) And btw, we all looked like that. All of us. (Esprit was the BOMB!)

samskat said...

Also, this might be your best playlist ever. AND I remember the best mix tape I ever had. It was stolen from you.