week four....are you hungry?

a few of my favorite things:
cheese fries from snuffers
homemade cobbler
chips and salsa almost anywhere, but especially uncle julios and chueys
medium wet wings from wings n more
fuzzy's fish tacos
my mom's spaghetti sauce
warm sourdough bread
red wine
greek salad from pappadeaux
sexy roll from piranha
easy cheese and a box of trisquits
garlic mashed potatoes.
a chilli cheese dog from the coney
a good ceaser salad
warm garlicy hummus from mellow mushroom
hashbrown casserole from the cracker barrel
fries from wing stop
fresh baked cinnamon rolls
..........and welll i could go on and on.

I like good food.
I am spoiled like that.
And wear the pant size to prove it.
Both my parents are amazing cooks and they don't mind dropping big bucks for a really good meal.
Like the lobsters we shared last time they were in town!

Did reading all that make you hungry?
Did you start picturing what you were going to have for dinner?
Did your mouth start to salvate and your stomach start to grumble?
Well guess what.
You aren't.

Hungry, that is.
Not really anyways.

The other day I shared coffee with my friend Julie.
We caught up and talked about work and our kids and many other things that I have already forgotten.
But what I do remember is this.
Her sitting in one of those big green overstuffed chairs in the middle of Starbucks.
Telling me about one of her students.
And her chin started to quiver.
And her eyes got big and wet.
And she cried.
Over a beautiful and bright teenage girl who sits in her class everyday,
and worries about boys and drill team and college just like every other girl in the class.
But she also worries if she will get dinner, or if she will just have to wait until she gets to school the next day to eat again. This girl is hungry.
And so are the kids on those commercials.
And the ones with the signs.

And so this week, I won't be having any of those things listed above for dinner.
I did my weekly shopping yesterday...
and thought more aobut what food would go further for less money
(like rice and beans and chilli and hot dogs)
than maybe what I usually buy.
Or spend eating out.
And I spend less than half of the usual weekly shopping bill....
And as for the other half ( what I didn't spend), I hope it finds it way to that sweet girl.
And somethings tells me,
that this week my rice and beans will taste exceptionally good.


Beth (and Eric) said...

A GREEK salad from Pappasito's?!?!

(Beautiful as always...)

michelle said...

oops....now corrected.