sandwich run

Today I forgot my lunch, so I ran a quick errand to get a sandwich. On my way out of the Which Which parking lot, I saw a man across the street that I thought might be homeless. Mansfield doesn't have too many of these people purusing the streets with signs or shopping carts so I took notice.
He pushed a shopping cart and seemed to be picking up trashn in a gas station parking lot. I watched him carefully because I was trying to decide if he was homeless or just cleaning the parking lot.
I gave away my last 5 bucks last night, but thought maybe I could give him half my sandwich. Then I felt guilty about only wanting to give him half. I decided that maybe I should give him the whole thing. I did have a granola bar stashed away in the store room back at school. But the more I watched him, the more I thought he was possibly an employee of that gas station. His cart seemed to be outfitted with all kinds of containers and cleaners -- and I did not see any "belongings". And his clothes seemed neat enough.
I was secretly relieved that I would get to keep my sandwhich, but as I turned the corner to drive off I saw him jump all the way into the dumpster and start tossing some things out into his cart.
He definantly did not work there.
As I kept driving off in the opposite direction, I kept thinking that I still had time to turn around. And although, I had already taken a bite out of my sandwhich...I could still offer him the other half.
Maybe I wouldn't make it back in time to eat with my friends, but I could still turn around.
I thought that all the way to the next light.
And as I pulled into the parking lot.
Instead I shamefully finished my sandwhich.
I did nothing.
And I hope, that he had more than my nothing to eat for lunch today.