for Tucker

I have a friend Beth who has my favorite laugh of all times.
It is the best laugh you have ever heard she is very generous with it.
She is just one of those bright happy people that you just want to be around. Because well, when she is you find yourself smiling and laughing more too.
In one word she is joyful.

But a few days ago, my sweet Beth had a son. He was a beautiful 4 lbs 3 ounces and looked a lot like his older sister.
He was stillborn.

I can't read or type those words without feeling like I am being hit in the stomach.

She wrote about it very breifly on her facebook page and I am absoultely humbled by the amazing grace that she displayed.

I know that our God is good.
But it is so hard to remember in this moment.
and it almost seems wrong to even type it.
People keep expressing sympathy for her loss.
And loss is such a huge understatement when it comes to a child.
She was robbed.
But my friend Beth still manages to see that she is blessed and will continue to be blessed.
By her daughter.
By her family.
By her friends.
that are all willing to greive with her.
that are all pouring out their love and sorrow and questions
by trying to find words that aren't there.
with flowers and phone calls and food.
and prayers and hugs and tears.

Because you see.
My friend Beth might have a dark hard path to walk down but
she will not be doing it alone.
and Nothing
neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to steal her joy away forever.

So however long it takes friend, I promise to still be praying for you when you are ready to laugh again.


spaghettipie said...

Michelle, you often comment how you're not good with the words part of walking thru a tough time (you're the "distractions girl") . . . but these words are beautiful and perfect.

samskat said...

Please let your friend know that there are moms everywhere praying for her and her family. I can't even imagine.

AP said...

Hi - I'm a friend of Beth's, too. Waned to thank you so much for sharing this... you so beautifully and perfectly describe her grace and spirit, and I think you've summed up the feelings of all her friends who are grieving with her and for her. I also agree that Beth's laugh is the world's greatest!

Brook said...

I am a friend of Beths and I just want to say that your words could not have been written better. It was beautifula nd I thank you for sharing them. Brook

Sara B. said...

Michelle, you have summed up some of what we are all feeling and grieving for Beth. I am a high school friend of hers and though we aren't so close anymore, grief has a way of binding you to person's present experience and makes you want to carry the burden with them, no matter how small the part. Beth, much love to you across the miles and the years. I love the verse in Psalm 23 about God leading us beside still waters... "He RESTORES my soul." I know your laugh will one day soon be restored. Our joy will be complete one day though the journey is long. Suffering with you - Sara (Pfeif!)

Margie said...

This post was one I felt, and one I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I have put Beth in my prayers, too.