My Monday by the numbers

7 games of solitare
2 games won.
63 pages read ( dave sedaris rocks)
2 hours of bad daytime tv ( bonnie hunt and crossing jordan)
8 phone calls telling me to vote
0 actual people on the other end.
3 number of times I was almost asleep only to be interupted by a phone call telling me to vote
25 percentage of my day spent with a child attached (literally)
2 number of times I was spit up on enough to warrant changing shirts
o times I actually changed shirts
3:36 time I put on clothes other than my pjs
6 level of bejeweled I made it to before Tess's cryings insisted on prematurely ending the game.
4 numbers of diapers changed before lunch
8 number of loads of laundry waiting to be done
1/2 number of loads actually done ( only half because it sat wet in the washer for 2 days before I finally transferred it to the dryer. Still haven't hung any of it up).
3 recipes I looked up online to make for dinner
13.84 the dollar amount of my dinner order at taco casa
5:36 time Shaun pulled up in the driveway.

Don't worry my Tuesday and Wednesday were slightly more productive and social. I even got dressed before lunch.


Dawn said...

Enjoy it before you have to go back to work. Or, let's at least get you dressed one more time before noon and go to lunch next week. :o)