the elephant in the room

......or donkey.
last night i stayed up listening to amazing speeches letting the newsanchors convince me i was watching something historic. shaun even almost voted.
oprah in tears was a little too much for me though.
maybe she was crying about the lack of good material for saturday night live now that election is over. kidding.
i jest. but i was moved. i was hopeful, and I didn't even stay awake long enough for obama's speach.
i knew this morning would leave a lot of texans unhappy. i have tried to brush off their comments for the last few months. most of them assumed i felt like they did.
i didn't.
i woke up to watch obama's speech on tivo.
then i stopped to fill up my car, and cringed to see a truck flying a giant confederate flag from the back with horrible things shoepolished on his windows.
i started to doubt that any progress has been made.

then breakfast with a friend who had some very passionate opinions a few days ago. i mentioned staying up late watching cnn but we ignored the elephant in the room.
i started to worry a little bit more about the unrest.
currently as i type i am listening to a news special on how gun sales have doubled overnight.
the people interviewed are trying to convey their great fear on not being able to buy assault weapons in the near future. now, that is a scary thought.

but then i got online to check my usual friends blogs.
they are addressing the donkey in the room.
with hope and unity and love.
so i applaud all the appeals at unity.

the bigger question isn't who you voted for yesterday.....but how you choose to live today, and tomorrow and the next.
check out this you tube video promoting Shane Claiborne's book Jesus for President. This book will completely change how you look at politics

A quote I love from a local pastor I respect.....
"It is a king and a kingdom that have my vote. While I will vote in our current election, I will pray for our leaders, and I will strive to help bring change and hope to “the least of these” in our world - I will never place my ultimate hope in any flag or country or man."