in training

I go through phases where I like to pretend that I am a runner. Unlike some people who truly run....I usually have to have a purpose. An event or race that I am training for. A challenge to beat Shaun or finish under a certain time.

I haven't been able to run for a while. Yes, I know a person who ran like 10 miles the day before she delivered. I am not that girl. The most running I do is to the bathroom. Too much activity gives me contractions........and trust me I want this baby to stay put for exactly 12 more days.

My body howeve is apparently in it's own training routine. She is training me to get used to waking up all night. I pee at least every two hours ( I hope she doesn't want to eat that much). At least every other night I am up for an hour or more. Just awake. Wide awake. Sometimes I lay there. Pray. Lesson plan. Count backwards ( my equivalent of sheep). Sometimes I give up and get out of bed and read or watch tv. I've discovered that 5 am is a great time to go to WalMart. If you can make your way around all those stockers.

Last time I remember waking up around 3 am, not being able to go back to sleep and watching old episodes of things like Full House and Saved by the Bell on TV. When Owen got here......that is exactly when he would wake up for his nightly feedings. I don't know that I can prepare or train for all my sleepless nights ahead.....but my body is sure trying. It is at least getting used to being awake when I shouldn't. Learning the middle of the night TV schedules. It amazes me that my body does that. That it knows and gets ready, despite my reluctance.

This race has no true finish line, but in less than 2 weeks I won't be spending these sleepless hours alone. This is what I have been training for.

That's all for now. I'm off to WalMart before the rest of the world wakes up.