buying in bulk

We tried to the Sams thing once. I just couldn't do it. I like the idea of having a year's supply of toilet paper in my garage, or never running out of paper towels...but I had serious difficulty in dropping 20$ on toilet paper. I would much rather purchase my 8 roll pack every few weeks or so. Actually I prefer the 4 roll pack because it actually fits in a bag and isn't so awkward to carry.
When I order contacts, I usually only get a 3 month supply. Shaun gets his for a year.
When gas prices were up close to 4$ a gallon...I refused to fill my tank. I wasn't saving any money. If anything I was wasting it......along with my time......but I didn't want to see the price column click up into the 80s. Sometimes I just didn't want to wait for it to fill up. Sometimes I was hoping it would drop in the next few days. Regardless I always drove off with my half full tank, and would have to return sooner than I wished for another half tank.
Gas dropped a bit and I started filling up again.
Shaun's work gave him a Costco card.
Costco is far superior to Sams and I have been really trying to buy bigger. I don't think I am saving much dough on the actual purchases......but the less trips I have to make to the store....possibly the less random things I will buy. I am also starting to feel more conviction about my wastefulness. If I buy one big bottle of detergent, rather than 3 little ones......I cut the plastic wastes in at least half.
This is a slow process for me.
Today I needed dishsoap. I like those cute little gel caplets. It was 6$ for 20ish.....or 15$ for 60. I will be doing lots of dishes in the next month ( bottles, bottles and more bottles) but I still put the small container in my cart. Who spends 15$ on dish soap! A few seconds later, I went back and traded my little container for the big one. I tried not to look as the checker scanned it a few minutes later.

I know this connection has been made dozens of times already......but I can't help thinking about a song about getting your 5$ fill on God that week. ( It was written when you could almost drive on 5$ worth of gas for the week). Not enough to cost you too much, just enough to get you through the week. I have to admit that sometimes I show up on Sunday for my 5$ fill up.

Do you think they sell Jesus at Costco? I want him in bulk.


Alyssa said...

Me, too! Good thoughts, Friend!