what she said

a few random conversations lately..

at Pappadeux while trying to convince Tess to put her shoes back on that she had kicked off under the table, while she was arguing that she wanted the purple ones with the flower on them..
Me: Tess, those shoes are at the house.
Tess: No! They are at MY house.
Me: My house IS your house.
Tess: Well, my house is messy then.
Me: Yes it is. Now, put your flip flops back on!

still at Pappadeux
Waiter to Shaun: Can I get you another Shiner?
Owen: Nope, I'm good. (with a slight head nod).
Me: (spit my entire mouthful of iced tea into my Greek salad)

while recouping on the couch after surgery last week, Owen comes comes strolling in the living room carrying a bottle of beer.
Owen: Mom, is this the yummy drink I was sharing with Annie (my mom) last weekend?
Me: I sure hope not! ...(got off the couch, rummaged in fridge until I found an IBC creme soda)...Is this it??
Owen: Oh, yes.
Me: good! and I only knew because you said Annie, not PawPaw

in class
student A to student B: you can turn it in now or next class.
student C: That's what she said!
Me: Really! if you are going to be innapropriate....atleast have it make sense!
student C: No, that is literally what you just said.
Me: oh. well, now it's funny.

and because I'm wishing i was at the House of Blues tonight listening to this guy...