not just a football player.

My google reader is out of control.

And so is my schedule this time of year, meaning I’ve had to hit “mark all as read” more than once when it starts creeping up into the 500+. And something about that is freeing. Even though I’m always afraid I’m gonna miss out on something good.

So about two weeks ago, when I was behind on reading, writing, working, sleep, cleaning and all kinds of other things… husband texted me a link to a blog and told me I needed to read it.

And my husband knows me better than anyone. And he reads plenty. But. we rarely read the same kind of stuff. He even reads a few blogs besides mine. But they usually have something to do with sports. And I like sports ok. But mostly just watching them in person. With nachos in hand. I only watch a few teams on TV and I certainly never read blogs about them.
But this was my favorite team.
My college alma mater. And I may not be as school spirit crazy as the town I grew up in, I do like my college and their team and even recognized the name.
It was Barron Batch’s blog.
And my first thought was.
He is just a football player.
Even if he was a pretty impressive running back. Who was just drafted to the Steelers.
And it is no where close to football season…
Why does he want me to read this.
And it took me more than a day and my husband asking me more than once to look it up before I finally did.
And that phrase.
Just a football player.
Got me in trouble.
Because it was good. Really good.
And pretty much anytime I think someone is “just a _______________” (you fill in the blank), I have undersold them. Even if that someone is myself. Maybe especially if it is.

So today. Stop thinking of yourself as just a mom. Or just a teacher. Of just a whatever and surprise people.
Like Barron Batch did me.
And this isn’t the initial post my husband sent me…..but try reading this without crying.
(and diary 25 and 26 will also make you blubber)


Dawn said...

Just read Day 28...tears already. I'm going to have to do the rest at home or I might not make it through the day! Thanks for sharing.

Writerly Wanna Be said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing this. Amazing.