On vacations and breaks it is easy for me to read a book a day.
I  type hundreds of them into my computer.
At parties, I’m often the girl talking and laughing the loudest.
I pay attention to song lyrics.
I don’t filter the ones that come out of my mouth very well.
And I’m trying to get better at saying the good ones out loud.
I tell my toddler to use hers all the time, rather then just hitting her brother.
I tell her brother to use less of his while the teacher is talking so we stop getting bad notes sent home.
I like puns.
And can tear up a crossword.
I’m a little out of control with the texting.
I can’t write an email that isn’t at least three paragraphs long.
If someone writes me nice ones I read them over and over again at least a half dozen times.
If they say them outloud I try really hard to let them slip in. To believe them.
I probably use twice as many in any given day than my husband. (or more).
I try to be intentional with the ones I use with my kids and my students.
I fill empty spaces with them.
I try not to use ones I don't mean.
They are really hard to take back.
I am a kick ass scrabble player.
When I am nervous I use even more of them.
I try to say I’m sorry for the times when I am careless with them. (alot)
I know first hand the damage that they can do.
And the way just a few can change your whole day. And sometimes even your whole life.
Sometimes they are my best gift.
But I am also, forever putting my foot in my mouth.
I often misspell them.
I say far too many and don’t listen to other people’s enough.
And sometimes I read a few that I just can’t get out of my head.
Like these…..

And suddenly I am quiet.


Beth (and Eric) said...

And these are the reasons I love you! (If I were as eloquent with my WORDS as you are, I would say many of these things about myself too...)

Kier's Serendipity said...

Fantastic post...

Hyacynth said...

Michelle, you so often speak to my heart.

Please know your words tonight have fell on listening ears.

Sharon said...

wow. Hyacynth sent me your link. This post is like reading about myself. I will be back for another visit I think. Excellent post.