out of habit

Why is it that we ( or at least me) can be so quickly sidetracked. I can hit the gym consistantly for weeks, miss a few days and not go back for a month ( or lately more).

I have been sick ( still puking), busy ( TAKS) and suddenly my blog is blank for over a month.
I think I forgot how to write. How to process in my favorite way.
It's not just my gym or my blog it is bad stuff ( or good stuff, bad in the sense that i am not doing them consistently) like tithing, church attendance, reading and studying the word daily, keeping up with old friends, budgeting, ......that kind of thing.

I would like to blame this baby growing inside me or even the stupid TAKS test, but the truth is I have been this easy to derail for years. Bad habits are hard to break, and apparently good habits are even harder to keep.

We need more than just New Years Day to make resolutions. We need a chance to renew our good habits more like once a month ( or week). So for today, nothing special Wednesday, and I am going to renew a few things I have lost. I still puke. The TAKS test is next week. But I can still start fresh. I can start blogging again. Clean up my classroom. Read the bible. See an old friend. Find my cell phone. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the gym.

What nothing special Wednesday resolution do you need to make?