shut in

I have yet to do to a full day or work this week. Maybe tomorrow. Fridays are always good.
We have the flu. We meaning, Shaun had it last week. O got it this weekend and it hit me about Tuesday. It ran over me yesterday. I haven't checked email, done laundry or cooked dinner. Mostly I have just laid in bed and watched bad tv.
I have been through 2 boxes of kleenex, 4 bottles of gatorade and go everywhere covered in my green furry blanket. Notice I did not say any medicine.
Apparently all I can have is Tylonal. I called the dr. and said I had the flu and asked what medicines I could take. I expected a much longer list. I have done this before. I had the flu when I was pregnant with Owen, but was much further along so I had more medicinal options. I was under the impression that all Tylonal products were ok. No Nyquil but atleast I could have that fabulous Tylonal nightime cold and flu elixer medicine. Nope. I should have waited 5 more weeks to get the flu. My options were Tylonal and Extra strength Tylonal. Neither one of those helped me sleep or stopped my nose from pooring.
After a night of tossing, sneezing and night sweats, I am feeling more like a person. I am getting tired of watching daytime TV, but still quite muster the energy to go around the house and start picking up the carpet of tissues that have been left behind.


Kate said...

:( I'm so sorry you are sick. It's no fun being sick and preggo... I hope you get to feeling better.

Kate :)

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

I hope you are feeling better, though the weather today lends itself to being indoors snuggled under covers. Keep me posted on when two lines blog is officially up & running.