coffee at 8:30

Those were our plans for a girls night out. Our friends were in town from out of state.....and the boys have evenings of movies and video gaming planned we wanted a night of our own. Last year we hit pirahna and then next door for some great wall of chocolate for dessert. We were all dressed up and had a fun evening of laughing and talking and maybe even a few shots.
This year -- 2 of us were knocked up -- so the evening plans were tamed down.
I was disapointed. I like good coffee and conversation more than the average girl but.........I don't get a fun night out very often and well I had more in mind than a cup of coffee.
The evening began w/ 2 very dull and tired girls picking out a baby gift. I was already getting tired and we hadn't even made it to the coffee shop.
None of us went decaf. I think this was our downfall. Too much caffeine, no babies to tuck in and we all went wild. Or at least I did. I mentioned the posability of a tattoo and within minutes we were all packed nicely in a minivan. I think tattoos get a bad wrap. I mean, if I am ever in an explosion or plane crash -- my body will easily be identified. I was surprised that one of my friends new so many locations. We pulled up and walked into the place. I was starting to second guess things. A kid no where near 18 was getting something drawn on his back. As the "artist" wiped the blood off his back he informed me that he was booked for the evening and suggested I make an appointment for the morning. We made our exit. The morning is no time for tattoos. It didn't take more that a few miles down the road before hitting tattoo parlor #2. A tatooed and pierced man sucking on his cigarette laughed at us and we pulled up in the minivan and 5 middle aged moms ( 2 obviously expecting) piled out. We were the only ones in the place, well besides Bertha -- a big scary python who did not like her picture taken. The guy was not at all amused with us. He must have thought I was drunk ( only on caffeine I promise)......becuase I was particuarly obnoxious. As we waited on him to draw out the pattern we talked about normal tatoo parolor things such as baby names, birth plans and potty training. We flipped through his album, admiring his artwork until we got to the last page with peircings. I screamed and covered up the hoo-ha .....and said, "I don't think I have ever seen one of those up close before". He about fell over.
Shortly there after the tattooing began. I am no newbie. I actually have 2 others, but was still pretty scared. I am not a fan of needles or blood or big scary guys that I could fit at least a few fingers through their ear hole. As he worked on my back Steph held my hand and I tried not to wiggle. That is until Holly said "this was the most excitement she has had in a year and was going to go home and write it in her journal." Technically that is what I am doing right now, but I pictured her sitting on a daybed with lots of pillows and stuffed animals writing in a diary with hello kitty or something on the front. "dear I went to a tattoo parlor" the mental picture was too funny. He quickly finished. I had planned on the whole thing being white -- but I liked just the outline better and everyone else agreed ( or maybe they just wanted out of that scary place). Eric then wrapped me in saran wrap and then began his after care instruction speal. He was very serious and I was so not. He asked if we would be up late, and I told him that this was already 2 hours past my usual bed time. He started talking about when I could take off the bandages and I responded with " and when you say bandages you mean saran wrap"....he then went on a speal about how saran wrap was such a good treatmenet ( really at least 5 minutes on the merits of saran wrap). It all sounded very technical and medical and so at his conclusion I asked if he could come speak to my 9th grade preAP biology class. He was not amused. I quickly paid him asked him to take our photo and then we all piled back into the minivan. High on adrenallin, coffee, and a bit of pain we celebrated the new tat with a drink at a swanky new underground jazz club in sundance sqaure. At this swanky club we had very hip conversations about what food to serve at the baby shower next week and made babysitter arrangements. And let me tell you, everyone was eyeing our hoodies, crocs and fleece with jealousy. They wished they could shed their smoking jackets and classy black tops for our comfort. The saran wrap started to get a little sweaty. We started to get tired and we decided to head back to our normal lives.....well not without getting milk for O on the way home first. Tomorrow if anyone asks me to go get coffee........I think I might order decaf.


"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

You are a wild and crazy girl! Guess we haven't gotten to see that side of you at writers' group since I serve decaf. :)